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Climate Change Adaptation

The sole purpose of LIFE.ForestResilient2Wildfire is to share practices between Portugal and Italy, very experienced in wildfires and Sweden and Ireland that unpredictable found themselves dealing with large wildfires.


The main objective of the project is to have forest more resilient to wildfires by attacking 3 fronts (sharing forest management approaches; develop a tool to help decision-making for the forestry sector; training of civil protection workers into fires hazard risk assessment under climate change).

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Climate Governance and Information

The general objective of LIFE - IRISH ALL TOGETHER ACTION is to collectively work towards a low emission and a more climate resilient society. This project aims to improve policy engagement from citizens on the matters of climate action, diminishing the gap between policymakers and citizens.


By developing an electronic platform between interested parties will go towards supporting more effective compliance and implementation of EU climate legislation through the dissemination of best practices. It aims at strengthening technical capacities for adaptation to climate change by organizing training courses and dissemination activities on climate change adaptation outcomes.


and Resource Efficiency

The project LIFE FromOceanWithLove, aims at improving both proactive and reactive plastic waste management, following in line with the Circular Economy Action Plan. With the demonstration of a new shoe production model with the ultimate objective of reducing resource consumption and waste generation in the textile and footwear sectors.


 The optimization of resource-selection, by using Seatex (Plastic from the Ocean) will develop transferable methods to spread innovations across the sector, to disseminate and promote a more environment friendly footwear industry. Will be created as well a consumer close platform making easier for the consumer to make sustainable and informed choices. 

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