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Family Gardening

Putting our Green Foot Forward Together

Gardening maintenance and horticulture in this project responds to the ever-increasing demand and variety of employment opportunities within this domain. The communities encourage volunteering in being able to incorporate social inclusion for persons who cannot commit their professional time to horticulture, and as a way of providing all persons access to the therapeutic benefits of gardening while promoting environment sustainability.


We therefore opted for a project incorporating gardening and widening the basic skills needed for a career within, as we believe that horticulture has the potential for a successful, sustainable and flourishing career. 


Growing skills on farms for budding learners with disabilities

Intellectual learning difficulties effects  over 5 million people in the E.U.  The context of this Partnership is that farms, including city farms, provide an accessible environment for SEND learners to acquire VET skills for employment. They can offer opportunities that colleges cannot within a practical, sensory-rich environment. To provide a more inclusive labour market, farms need to provide quality, well respected VET schemes of work.  

The objective of the Partnership is to:

-  Share knowledge of outreach to promote access for disabled learners onto courses in farms as permeable pathways into the labour market,

-  Develop inclusive and accessible schemes of work for learners with disabilities,

- Provide stimulating, inspirational collaboration to motivate and aid VET teachers’ and staffs’ continuous professional development.

Young Female Farmer

Getting down to green business

Creating Entrepreneurs in Horticulture for young people with fewer opportunities

Give back to our local community, by dovetailing into some of the key areas of focus in our city. Bristol is known for its Independent business and has had a surge in start-up initiatives and support.


Bristol is a green city and European Green Capital for 2015. Bristol’s biggest challenge is child poverty, which continues to be relatively higher than other cities in the UK.  Which will have as impact the increased motivation to be involved in green activities both in the workplace, at home and within local community initiatives. Motivated to continue to improve their green credentials/reduce their carbon footprint, combat climate change.

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