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Sustainable Energy

For Our Future 

For our Future

About us


Providing an integrated service approach  ranging from project planning and consulting, while helping our partners and clients achieve their sustainable goals.


As a core value we strongly believe there is always an opportunity to make a positive difference in the environment. We strongly believe that local communities are one of the most important centers. 


 Based throughout Europe to help in projects we develop and support projects achieving environmental international marks. Our strength is not only in a multi-lingual team but also in discovering a wealth of ideas, research and insights.


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Euroform RFS (Italy)

We had the great opportunity to participate in a training event organized  by Enso Group and to collaborate with them in the implementation of a project: "Upskilling Pathways".

Quality, commitment and teamwork characterized our experience with them, they are the partners everyone would like to work with.


Yolanda Betrán (Spain)

My internship in Enso Group was an amazing experience. Despite all the inconveniences caused by coronavirus, it was possible to connect with the entire Enso international team and do a great job. An training indispensable for any student.


Avofid (Italy)

Enso's professionalism and vast experience in the social field has provided us with multiple methodologies for working with City Farms. Through this collaboration, our voluntary association was able to share knowledge and experience, and subsequently use new tools. This experience has resulted in mutual enrichment, both on a professional level, but above all on a personal human level. 

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